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Li Xinhua attended Western China International Fair

Source: CNBM

Date: Nov 7, 2016

Entrusted by board chairman of CNBM Mr. Song Zhiping, vice chairman of CNBM Mr. Li Xinhua attended the 16th Western China International Fair held in Chengdu from 2nd to 4th, November. Mr. Li Xinhua took part in a range of activities including opening ceremony of the fair, Western China International Cooperation Forum, Western China Investment Overview Session and contract signing ceremony for multiple economic cooperation projects. Mr. Li has had a wide-ranging discussion with people from various aspects of society. The theme of the 16th Western China International Fair was “Western China-Global Opportunity”. State councilor Mr. Wang Yong, vice chairman of CPPCC and chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Mr. Wang Qinmin attended the opening ceremony. Speeches were given by a number of high profile figures including Mr. Wang Yong, Guinea president Mr. Conde, Germany vice premier as well as the minister of Ministry of Economy and Energy Mr. Gabriel, second vice president of Afghanistan, Mr. Danish, president of Serb Republic Mr. Dodik, chairman of Russia Federation of Commodity Producers and former first vice premier of Russia Mr. Soskvets and deputy director of National Development and Reform Commission Mr. Zhang Yong. Secretary of Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee Mr. Wang Dongming, deputy secretary of Sichuan Provincial CPC Committee and provincial governor Mr. Yi Li, deputy secretary of Guizhou Provincial CPC Committee and provincial governor Mr. Sun Zhigang, chairman of Guizhou Political Consultative Conference Mr. Ke Zunping also attended the fair.

In the fair, Mr. Li Xinhua also visited Chengdu China Optoelectronic Co., Ltd and Chengdu Design & Research Institution of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. When visiting CDCOE’s optoelectronic display hall and its liquid crystal glass block producing line, Mr. Li learned thoroughly the producing technique, researching, product application and industry extension of liquid crystal glass block. In the ensuing session, Mr. Li was debriefed on the history, running, industry development and future strategy of CDCOE. Mr. Li spoke highly of CDCOE’s remarkable achievements through many years of independent innovation. Mr. Li said that technology innovation is an enterprise’s blood line. While we must consolidate our main business, we also need to keep an eye on the development trend of downstream industry so as to plot and invest in advance and do a good job in technical reserve accumulation. By this way, we can always lead the frontier in industry science and technology. At the same time, we must exploit ourselves internally; keep raising product structure, improving technology and standardization degree of management index. We also need to lower human factor and put systematic risk under strict control.

During the session in Chengdu Design & Research Institution of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd, Mr. Li got a comprehensive understanding regarding the company’s business operation, technology researching, implementation of key projects and its strategic planning in the 13th Five-Year period. Moreover, Mr. Li also exchanged in-depth views with president of Chengdu Design & Research Institution of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd Mr. Jiao Feng on the company’s shift into a energy saving and environmental friendly enterprise. Mr. Li recognized the company’s recent accomplishment in exploring international market, deepening meticulous management and running business sustainably and stably. Meanwhile, Mr. Li raised three requirements for the future of Chengdu Design & Research Institution of Building Materials Industry: first, resource shall be planned and coordinated in an overall way to smoothly execute  contract for 6 cement lines (daily capacity for each line is 6000 tons) in Beni Sweif, Egypt and ensure profits of the project. Second, the company shall set meeting market’s needs and creating benefits for clients as its orientation and step up efforts in science and technology research to enhance the company’s core competitiveness. At last, the company shall fully take advantage of its image as a state-owned enterprise and its organizational management advantage, strengthen cooperation with local government, establish effective incentive mechanism, correctly choose cross-industry development chance and business position and speed up the company’s transformation.

Western China International Fair (WCIF) was founded in 2000. Under the concept of “co-hosting, sharing and win-win”, The WCIF is hosted, sponsored and supported by 16 ministries/commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc. and 12 western provinces (autonomous regions and municipality) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and Boao Forum for Asia. WCIF is a state-level international exposition organized by Sichuan Provincial People’s Government. The past 15 sessions of the fair witnessed the presence of many high profile figures including party and national leaders Li Keqiang, Wang Qishan, Wang Yang, Ma Kai, Wu Bangguo, Wen Jiabao, over 30 foreign politicians, 500 ministry-level officials and heads of major international organizations. The 16th fair puts an emphasize on innovation in terms of forum holding, activity organization, display and demonstration and guests invitation. In the fair, elements of “one belt, one road” strategy is highlighted in order to enhance the influence and attractiveness of the fair.

Standing deputy general manager of Triumph Science and Technology Co., Ltd Mr. Mao Lingwen, standing deputy general manager of Chengdu China Optoelectronic Co., Ltd Mr. Xie Jun, management personnel of Chengdu China Optoelectronic Co., Ltd, party secretary of Chengdu Design & Research Institution of Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd Mrs. Ma Yan, general manager Wu Hong and other executives also took part in the symposium.


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